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People everywhere are unsmoking their worlds. Sign the Unsmoke petition today.

Sign the Unsmoke petition today and get involved in changing the law! Adult smokers all over the world are unsmoking. Either by quitting cigarettes altogether, which is the best way. Or, if they don’t, by switching to less harmful alternatives, where permissible by law.

Join the journey, sign the Unsmoke petition, tell your story and share your success. Or petition for change so that you too can give up smoking and Unsmoke yourself. Be proud of an unsmoked world. Sign the Unsmoke petition today!

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Unsmoke actions globally

This is the number of Unsmoke actions across the globe. Signing the Unsmoke petition is one.

The greater our number, the closer we get to an unsmoked world. Help make this a reality and get involved.

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    Join the conversation, thumbs up those who choose to Unsmoke, be part of the movement. Your social media support to Unsmoke your world might help a friend, a loved one or even a total stranger.