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This site is not intended to offer medical or psychological advice. We recommend you talk to your doctor, pharmacist or stop smoking service for professional guidance. Additionally, there are many valuable resources available online to help you find the best support to quit and Unsmoke your World.

Quitting aids

Some quit-smoking aids have nicotine in them. These products are called nicotine replacement therapy (or NRT). Others do not contain nicotine and come as tablets. In Australia, these cessation aids might be available over the counter at pharmacies or require a prescription.

Whatever the method, what matters most is quitting cigarettes.

Below are some examples of smoking cessation aids:

  • Patches
    Nicotine patches release nicotine into the bloodstream through the skin.
  • Gum
    Nicotine gum releases nicotine as you chew, which is then absorbed through the lining of the mouth.
  • Lozenges
    Nicotine lozenges release nicotine as they dissolve in the mouth.
  • Microtabs
    These small nicotine tablets dissolve under the tongue.
  • Nasal sprays
    Nicotine nasal sprays deliver nicotine through the nose lining.
  • Therapies without nicotine
    They come in the form of tablets and are usually prescription only.

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