Going back to when I was very young, my mum was always trying to quit.

She tried everything: acupuncture, patches, gum. And nothing really worked. It would for a bit, but she just couldn’t kick it.

So, eventually she came to me and she said: “You know, I really want to quit smoking. What can I do?”. So I went online and I looked up ‘smoking cessation’. There’re only three smoking cessation centers in the US, which is really interesting, considering how many people smoke.

I picked the nicest, in Napa Valley, and sent her there for a fifteen-day stay. I think she was at a point in her life where she realized she is getting older and needed to make some changes. One of which was to quit smoking.

They called it a ‘wellness retreat’, which included smoking cessation. Basically, they gave her everything other than cigarettes – the spray, the patches, the gum, everything.

It was a good experience because it not only helped her Unsmoke – it allowed her to focus on things like diet and exercise. It was a holistic approach.

She now works out, she eats healthier, she even pre-makes her meals. But she still has to use different nicotine things to get that sensation. She has to chew gum, or she puts a patch on, or she uses a nasal spray.

It’s definitely better. Between the smell and second-hand smoke, I remember growing up never wanting to be around her. Of course, as I got older that was never the case – but Unsmoking has definitely been great for our relationship.



I’d advise people who want to Unsmoke to really focus on themselves. Mind over matter is a first step for me.

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