Public Submission to the TGA

Have your say and make a public submission to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) if you believe Heated Tobacco Products should be available in Australia!

On 10 June 2020, a Scheduling Committee of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, made an interim decision to not support our application to allow the sale of heated tobacco products in Australia.

With evidence showing that scientifically substantiated heated tobacco products produce fewer and lower levels of harmful chemicals than cigarettes, and with smoking rates in Australia having stagnated over the past six years, it’s time for Australia to take a different approach to tobacco control policy and regulation

You have a chance to have your say and make a submission to the TGA by completing the form below.


Public Submission to the TGA

RE: the Poisons Standards


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Please note, it is a requirement that in order to complete your submission, you must forward the email we sent you, to the email we provided ( This is an important chance for you, to share your thoughts with the TGA, on why the regulation governing nicotine and smoke-free products, needs to change.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU SEND YOUR EMAIL ON TO THE TGA, ON OR BEFORE 9 JULY 2020. You otherwise risk the current regulations remaining unchanged, potentially tightening even further.